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    Palm Pre Support...What the ****?


      So, the Palm Pre came out last year (June 6, 2009) -- and at the time, Sling Media was supposedly a "Launch Partner" -- meaning they would have an app for the device at or near launch (source: http://mobile.engadget.com/2009/05/22/slingplayer-coming-to-pre-at-or-near-launch/).

      The document in question is an official document, directly from Sprint, available to their employees.

      At the time, I had a friend who worked for Sprint, and he confirmed that the document was 100% true.


      Fast forward to now -- it's one YEAR later...so where the **** is the app that was supposed to be available "at or near launch" ?

      I bet it's hanging out with the iPad app and the S60v5 version as well -- they are all drinking beer together in vaporware land.

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          eferz Expert

          Obviously vaporware.


          Even the iPad owners are taking a backseat to Andriod at the moment.  And they're probably taking a backseat to the flash version of Slingplayer.


          From my experience Sling isn't quick to develop anything.  Heck, over three years ago they announced Clip+Sling to be introduced with Slingplayer 2.0.  Demoed it.  Except when Slingplayer 2.0 came out, Clip+Sling was no where to be seen.




          Watching Sling trying to fullfil their promises is like watching a kid with attention deficit disorder in a room full of shiny objects.


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            It is now 2011, and the IPad as well as all of the "I" devices have had lovely sling mobile products developed. With the upcoming release of the Pre 3, can we EVER expect to see the release of slingplayer for Pre????


            We have been so patient as Palm devotees, waiting... when will we get our Slingplayer back?