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    What is the XXX in SB300XXX


      I own a Pro HD SB300-113, which is the correct version for Germany and works just fine. As I am offered an almost new, but used second Pro HD (since I need a second one) it has SB300-XXX as the version number. Now I am curious to learn what those XXX are standing for.

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello Hamburger,


          Just wanted to let you know that the XXX stands for the country code that the Slingbox is registered in, 113 is Germany. 


          When you registered the second Pro-HD, did the XXX stay? 


          If so, that definitely should of said 113 as well if the box was registered in Germany.  Although having the XXX still there will not hurt anything, the XXX should of changed.


          Hope this helps!!! 



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Hi Kevin,thanks for your kind reply. I am aware of these 3-digit country

              codes. There is a variety of offers for used SlingBoxes here, mainly on

              eBay. And they usually clearly say for which country they were built. Even

              the US versions (100) or Canadian versions (140) are available. The

              difference from the German ones (113) are not only in different power

              supplies, different antenna plugs, but mainly in different builtin tuners.

              My first ProHD clearly stated on a bottom lable that it is a SB300113. The

              one offered to me now has a lable on the bottom saying SB300XXX, what

              irritates me. As I bought it anyway, registered it and connected two

              devices, I am just glad that it works. It performs perfectly (in-house 8.1

              Mb/s, transatlantic 2.5 Mb/s). You asked whether the XXX "stayed" after

              registration. It certainly did on the bottom lable but I did not find

              the version beeing shown as data anywhere.

              Greetings from Hamburg, Germany! Wolfgang.