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    Slingplayer for Roku failures ..


      Obviously I am not alone in discovering that the Slingplayer channel app on Roku sucks.  And like others, I bought a Roku stick primarily to relay my Slingbox to my living room TV.  But I'm having an interesting problem ...


      I have access to 2 Slingboxes, one in my house, one in my friends house in another state.  The Roku app works fine from my android phone to the box in the house but not to the other one.  They are both ProHDs.  Makes no sense whatsoever.


      But you know what else makes no sense?  Having to use my phone or tablet to relay the signal to my TV.  I understand that a Roku might not have the right capabilities but why is there no Slingbox HDMI adapter that can connect to Slingboxes directly (a Slingstick)?  I would have gladly given you the $50 I paid for the Roku to have that.


      And Im sure DISH could sell them by the boatload to go with the Sling enabled Hoppers.  I'm sure theyd love to advertise the idea that you can go anywhere with a HDMI capatible TV (a friend's, a hotel) and all your stuff comes with you.


      If anyone who reads this has any ideas why the Roku app works on my inhouse network but not over the internet (the phone will play both, no problems), please let me know.


      Jeff Benkel