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    new slingplayer for desktop and m1

    chuliu Newbie

      I downloaded mac slingplayer from here
      and it actually works on my pro hd and 350 as well as 500.
      Maybe just for the moment I suppose.

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          Same for me.  Hope it stays working.  The Mac app is much better then the web app.

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              ferguspa Apprentice

              Can I ask what about you see in the Mac app that is different than the web app?  The new standalone Mac app works for a 350 here, and of note:


              - This appears to be a Chromium Embedded browser wrapped around the regular SlingPlayer browser plugin (at least on the Mac). If you're familiar with the concept of a "site specific browser" (for example Fluid on the Mac) that's pretty much what the new player is.


              - There doesn't appear to be any controls to connect directly to a slingbox.  It's likely still dependent on Sling Inc.'s website, finder service, etc


              - There appears to be a new (?) "standard" view that shows the TV guide to the side of the streaming video


              But I'm not seeing something that makes me say "wow" in the new desktop (Mac) app.