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    Slingplayer and Windows 8.1


      I just bought a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and bought the Slingplayer App. I can't watch any of the programs recorded on my DVR.  There is no remote icon appearing on the laptop screen and no menu or ootions other than "Gallery"..  I am able to watch live and recorded programs with my Slingcatcher on my TV and with Slingplayer on my iPad but not on my new laptop- only the shows on "Gallery".  It may not be relevant but FYI, my Slingbox 350 is in San Diego and I am watching it in Thailand.  As long as the internet connection is fairly strong I ordinarily have no problem watching. I use a Logitech Revue to control Slingcatcher. Any suggestions?

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello Bully2,


          I see that you just bought the SlingPlayer for Windows 8 application.


          If for some reason that the application is not working the way that it should, try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it.  When you first installed it, if the software did not install correctly, all the features may not work properly.  Most issue are resolved with any mobile application just by doing so.


          Hope this helps!!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Hey Kevin:  I followed your suggestion and it is working just fine. Thanks.


              I have the same issue on my iPad (the remote does not appear so I cannot see what is recorded on my DVR. I'm going to try to uninstall there too.. Sling helps me keep my sanity while living abroad 10-11 months of the year!



              Bill Kelley

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                One of the things I've had problems with about Sling is the controls are not always intuitive-at least to me. So I uninstalled SlingPlayer from my iPad and reinstalled it. At first, I still didn't see the icon for the remote. But then I clicked on live TV and I saw the remote in the upper right-hand corner. When I clicked it and then clicked list on the remote icon, the list of what I've recorded on my DVR came up. It seems possible the doggone thing was there all along I just didn't see it. But now I'm happy and sanity has been restored. Thanks, appreciate your help.

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