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    Cannot Setup Internet viewing


      I just reconnected my Slingbox HD. I see it fine on my computer. However, I'm not able to setup to watch it on my IPad. I have 3 possible routers. regardless which one I select, it will not setup. Any suggestions?

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          Hi Alanmorgenstern,


          What I would suggest is portforward.com, this will provide you with a guide to port forwarding your router. If you have more than 1 router you will need to setup port forwarding on each router. You can get the port number and the IP address that you will need to input into the router on the setup Internet viewing page.


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              My new AC1900 linksys router was not listed for internet viewing in the selection menu.  All i did was hit the continue button with no router selected and magically the internet viewing worked once the process was completed.  I am not sure if that only works for AC1900 Linksys or not but somehow there is technology in this router that makes it compatible to the setup process without any router needing to be selected.

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                  im trying to set up internet viewing for my slingbox since i installed a new linksys ac1900 router. The set-up process ask for a username and password.  I have a network name and password but not a username.  The network name and password doesn't work.  when I try and skip the username and password it ask for the router model and the linksys ac1900 is not listed.  Unlike a previous poster it didn't automatically work when I went to the next step.  It say it was unsuccessful.    Any help would be appreciated.