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    ATT uverse


      Can I use slingbox with att uverse.  I couldn't find the model of cable box from the list.

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          I have att u-verse and i use it all the time..it took a little digging but use the tv cable box id and enter it that way.  i had to hunt for it but it finally hooked up and ive had nothing but good times watching tv at work all the time..lol

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            kevin.sling Apprentice

            Hello bbarcus,


            Here something to try out.


            Is your home remote Silver or Black?  Try once off these remote when configuring your Slingbox:


            • If you have a Black remote, select "ATT Uverse  (Black)"
            • If you have a Silver remote, select "ATT  Uverse"


            Hope this helps!!!



            Sling Media Moderation Team