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    Complex network port forwarding for dual slingbox 350's


      I have a very complex network that I'm trying to configure 2 slingbox 350's to work in and be accessable across the internet, with out them using snat and bouncing the stream off a 3rd party server (sling.com) .


      To give you an idea of what I'm doing:

      I currently have is a DMZ vlan specially built just for the slingbox's so that they can be NAT'd to a single IP address.  The firewall is set to allow these 2 devices outbound access with little restriction.  But inbound is only allowed on specified ports using PAT (port forwarding).  I have one of them working fine on TCP port 5201.   The second unit however will not chose a different port to operate on, because UPNP is not supported on the firewall.  So it always defaults to 5201.


      Is there a way to fool the second unit into chosing a different port or to force the port change in the configuration?


      I've thought about installing a second firewall between the primary firewall and the slingbox's that does upnp and allowing them to enable the built in auto configuration, but that is not really a proper solution, but a bandaid.


      Any insite would be most appreciated.