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    Viewing Sky+ HD live content via Slingbox in UAE




      I'm moving to Dubai soon, and I'm keen to have access to my Sky TV channels whilst I'm there, and the Slingbox looks like a good way to achieve this. I've read a fair bit about setting this up, but the one question I can't seem to find an answer to is, can I set up a Slingbox with a Sky+ HD set-top box, without a TV connected to the Sky+ HD box (via the Slingbox obviously) in the UK?


      The reason I'm asking this question is, I've read a few articles that state that you have to use the HD composite input/outputs, not the HDMI input/outputs, as HDCP renders HDMI useless, however, I've also read that if you haven't got a TV connected/on at the Slingbox end, no signal will be sent from the Sky+ HD box.


      Can anyone confirm if this is the case, as ideally, I'll be leaving a Sky+ HD box, a Slingbox (haven't decided between the 350 or 500, but that's another question I guess), and a boradband router (with decent upstream/downstream bandwidth) in my property in the UK, but I obviously don't want to have a TV connected if not absolutely necessary. I assume that I'll then be able to connect a laptop to a TV, with a suitable SlingPlayer installed and watch/control my Sky TV channels in real-time.


      So, if anyone can offer any advice, it will be very much appreciated, as I've never had the chance to use this technology before, so I want to ensure that I can achieve what I want to achieve, before investing.