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    Slingbox M1 Passthrough?




      Thinking about buying this and would have the following setup:


      Provider / Box: Viasat (Sweden) / Samsung SMT-S5140 (w. 1x HDMI, 2x SCART, 0x COMPONENT)
      Slingbox: Slingbox M1 (w. 2x COMPONENT)


      So I was thinking of buying this (link in Swedish):
      and connect it as follows:


      Box -> HDMI-cable to -> Component to HDMI converter -> Component-cable to -> Slingbox M1 -> Component-cable to -> TV


      Would passthrough still work? I.e. when I am at that TV I could still watch TV and when I am at a different location I could still use the Slingbox?
      Do you forsee any problems with HDCP etc.?


      Best Regards / Karl, Sweden



      The converter seems to be the same as this one:
      Which has HDMI OUT and COMPONENT IN so I guess it won't work?


      Edit again:
      And this one (link in Swedish):

      seems to be the same as this one:
      Which has HDMI IN and COMPONENT OUT (even though on the actual device it seems different) would work but it lacks HDCP so then that device won't work either?


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