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    resolution while viewing changes


      OK.... on my 2 PC's while I watch slingbox, about every 30 minutes, the resolution gets really bad and blurs.... then clears up after about 1-2 minutes.... yet it doesn't do it on my android pad..... yes I'm in 32 bit..... help????

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello thevajdas,


               In order to fully assist you, we will need to know a few details about your setup:


          1. What is the operating system(s) of your PC's?
          2. What browsers have you tried?
          3. What is the upload speed of the network at the Slingbox location?
          4. What is the download speed of the network you are trying to use to view the Slingbox?


          To run a speed test on these PC's, go to www.speedtest.net and click on "Begin Test".



          Awaiting your response!



          Sling Media Forum Moderation Team