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    Streaming internet TV THROUGH the Slingbox?


      I am in Ecuador, I have a residence in California. I want to attach a slingbox to my cable box in California. Besides watching my cable channels how can I also stream internet TV (Hulu, Amazon, Netflix) from my residence in California. I am able to steam Netflix to my laptop in Ecuador, but the content is restricted. Have tried VPN, etc... still some sites are able to detect my location and refuse service, thus the desire to access the internet from my California ISP and view the (USA) content in Ecuador.

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          callanish Apprentice

          You shouldn't have any geo blocking restrictions with a proxy dns service like Unotelly. I've ran netflix, amazon and hulu while traveling all over. VPN's are vulnerable to being blocked, so consider trying their free trial first before going through some elaborate setup where you are trying to connect both cable box and say a roku player ( for netflix, amazon and hulu plus ) streamed from a slingbox in the U.S to Ecuador.