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    No lights on Slingbox Pro HD




      Hoping you can help. My Slingbox stopped working 2 weeks ago. I was hoping that it was just a power supply issue, but I got this tested and it works fine. The slingbox is not getting any power and there are no lights at all. Has anyone encountered this before?





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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi woody140284,


          Thanks for using our forums. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your PRO-HD. If the power supply appears to be working correctly, it is more than likely the Slingbox itself that is at fault. There are a few different options at this point to replace the PRO-HD. You can do an out of warranty exchange, where we would send you a replacement PRO-HD for a fee of $149.99 or you can take advantage of our upgrade program, which would be $30 off the price of an M1 or SlingTV. The M1 would be $119.99 and the SlingTV would be $269.99 with upgrade.  Below please find the link for the upgrade program.




          Hope this helps,



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