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    Are the remote control capabilities impractical or am I missing something?


      I have a Slingbox 350 connected to my DirecTV box via the component cables.  For remote viewing, I'm using the Android SlingPlayer app with a Roku stick.


      Regardless of the Roku device, the remote control capabilities are on the Android SlingPlayer app.


      Since Slingbox knows the remote control I have at home, is there a way to show an image of my remote control on the android instead of what appears to be a generic universal 3-screen remote menu scheme?  I just found the "Guide" capability which is helpfu.  I suppose they added that capability because of the horrible latency with remote control commands.



      1) Is the remote control latency inherent in this technology or is there a way to fix that?

      2) Is there a way to view an image of the remote control on the Android App or am I forced to use the impractical menu process that I'm experiencing?

      3) This is probably an enhancement request, but is there a way to use a physical TV remote, with the Android Slingplayer, so I don't have to tap on my android phone?  It would be a heck of a lot easier to use a real physical remote than any on screen scheme.


      Final thought unrelated to the remote.   The image quality is a bit disappointing.  At the source location where the SlingBox is located, I have 5Mbps upload internet capability and at the remote site, I have 15Mbps download capability.  That should be more than enough to get a great picture, but maybe its the technology.  I'm comparing this quality with that of Amazon streaming video.


      thanks in advance for any help!