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    Trouble with internet connection


      I just bought a brand new Slingbox 500. I connect to my wireless network and it cant connect to the Internet. I connect it to my wired network and it can't connect to the internet. I searched the forums and find that the Slingbox may have a problem with Cisco ASA units. Do I need to return this or is there a way to make it work?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello jbh38,


               After doing a little bit of research on Cisco ASA routers, I see that they seem to use stronger firewalls than typical residential routers. You most likely will need to lower the firewall settings on the router when you attempt to setup the Slingbox. After you have the Slingbox connected to the network, I would assume you can turn those firewalls back up to your preference.


          For further assistance with this, I would recommend contacting Cisco's Technical Support.



          Hope this helps!



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