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    Sling Box 500 lagtime and buffering issues


      I purchased Sling Box 500 back in May 2014, worked fine with setup at home, even talked with support agent and he went through it with me. I am now in South Korea and with Sling Box setup at home, I can turn it on and even change channels with a long lag time and freeze ups. I then try to watch a show on DVR or something that is on live and the show comes in and out like its buffering or has interference. IS there anything I can do to get this to work properly. Friends have used this in Afghanistan and had no issues, can you help?  Disappointed with Sling Box

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC6135077,


          I am sorry that you are experience lag time and buffering in the remote location.


          The recommended minimum upload and download speeds for high definition streaming is 2.0 Mbps (Mega bites per second).  I would recommend to run a speed test in the home and remote locations to find out the speeds that that Slingbox is connected to and the Internet source that is in the remote location.


          You can do a free speed test from the following website by clicking on the "Begin Test" icon:



          If you determine that the upload speed at the home location is below 2.0 Mbps, this could be the cause of why you are experiencing the lag time or buffering.  With you being in the remote location, if you determine that the download is less that 2.0 Mbps, this would be the case as well.


          Hope this helps!!!



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            Remote control lag time is horrible on slingbox and makes remote control a useless feature, IMO.    It is one of my top two reasons why I don't like this product.  But, I still use it because I haven't found anything else (yet).


            There is a guide function which may help you.  It allow you to quickly browse and select live TV programs (without lag time).    I use it on the Andriod app with Roku.


            As far as your buffering issue, that maybe the upload/download speeds that were already mentioned.  I would guess you might not have enough upload bandwidth at your home.  Also, I'm not sure what SlingBox recommends as a maximum latency between two sites, if any.  If Slingbox support is reading this, maybe they can chime in on the latency issues/factors and publish maximum latency times between two sites.


            Good luck.