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    UK Classic 150 (DVB-T enabled) won't broadcast over internet




      I have a Classic 150 model set up with a DSL-2680 router side by side connected via Ethernet. It works fine on my home wireless connected Dell running MS Vista. It's connected via Co-Ax to digital free to air channels.


      I've followed the Port Forwarding instructions and 5001 is listed on my router web page as open


      I'm running the latest version of the PC software for the Classic Slingbox which is


      When I run the setup wizard, the 'Setup Internet Viewing' networking step fails and I have to exit 'do this later'. As a result, I can't access my box anywhere but on my home network. I'm leaving the UK  for Hong Kong in 6 weeks and really need to get this working!  Help please :-)


      Here's Cody's info question to a similar question...I hope these answers help narrow down my issue?


      • When connecting away from home, is this one specific location or in any remote location?
      • I think any, but I've only tested at the local McD :-)
      • When connecting outside of the home, which device are you using, smartphone, tablet, computer or a third party connected device (ex. Roku, AppleTV, WDtv, NetGear Neo TV or Sony Internet Player with Google TV)?
      • The PC that works at home...DELL Laptop M1330 running Windows Vista and SlingPlayer.
      • Do you have the Slingbox connected directly to the router, or are you using a wireless bridge, powerline adapters or some other form of bridge?
      • Direct Ethernet Connection.
      • Can you provide the exact setup of the Slingbox with the router?
      • Router Active Port Forwarding (?? disguises my choice of Static IP address)
      Private IPProtocol TypePublic Start PortPublic End PortConnection

      • My Router model is not listed on the Wizard page Router Model box, only two DSL models are listed, neither are the DSL-2680. When I select 'my router is not listed, I then get the following 'Slingbox settings'
      • MAC Address: 00:13:B6 etc..
      • IP Address 192.etc
      • Subnet Mask 255.etc
      • Default Gateway 192. etc
      • Port number. 5001
      • I'm making no manual changes
      • Click Next and I get the error 'Internet Viewing setup was unsuccessful..
      • 'END