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    Multiple problems streaming to a Slingcatcher


      My problems have to do with getting 2 Slingboxe Pros in different locations to stream to a Slingcatcher at a third location.  Soft and hard resets of the Slingcatcher have not had any effect on the problems.  And no, it does not appear to be a port forwarding problem, because right now, the Slingcatcher is working.


      1.  Every 12 hours plus 2 minutes, the internet is dropped, and the Mac computer comes back online, but the Slingcatcher does not.


      2.  This happened both with ADSL and fiber optic internet connections.


      3.  The internet provider where the Slingcatcher is located claims it is the router.


      4.  Dropouts seem to be a known problem with Airport Extremes, though no entries on the internet point to dropouts every 12 hours + 2 minutes--rather, those described seem to be random.


      5.  Trading out the Airport Extreme and substituting a different (non-Apple) router did not change the 12 hour + 2 minute dropouts.


      6.  For about 2 years, after each dropout, the Slingcatcher would display a message saying that there was a network error.  By clicking on that message, on Slingplayer, and on the Slingbox, the Slingcatcher would come right back up.


      7.  For several months now, the Slingcatcher might or might not reconnect.


      8.  When the Slingcatcher could not connect, it was not possible to ping the static IP where one of the Slingboxes is located, nor to complete a Traceroute (but twice it did work, and still no Slingcatcher stream).


      9.  One time, Airport Utility couldn't find Airport Extreme, even on Rescan, but the Slingcatcher continued working


      10.  When the Slingcatcher cannot stream, TraceRoute seems to hang at atlas.cogentco.com servers


      11.  Sling seems to route through atlas.cogentco.com, because it always shows up on Traceroute whether the Slingcatcher is working or not  (others IPs or websites, for example Google, take a different route).


      12.  Googling atlas.cogentco.com brings up numerous complaints, particularly from gamers, that there is a lag through the atlas.cogentco.com servers.


      13.  Restarting the Airport Extreme router by changing the DHCP licence time in the Airport Utility, often multiple times, sometimes works to get the Slingcatcher signal back, but not always.


      14.  It is maintained that the Sling stream must be TCP.  Currently, one Slingbox cannot be reached at all with the Slingcatcher, and on Watch on Slingbox.com, the information shows that that Slingbox is streaming in Relay format. 


      15.  However, the second Slingbox, when it is picked up by the Slingcatcher, appears to be streaming Relay also.


      16.  Having Slingmedia help with setting up the Slingbox streaming through a static IP again, including the port forwarding, has not helped. 


      So what is the problem, and how can I fix it???  Any help will be truly appreciated!

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hey Flomot27,


               It sounds to me like you may have a Gateway instead of a Modem at the SlingCatcher location or the router(s) is/are changing the IP Address for the SlingCatcher every 12 horus and 2 minutes. Can you confirm whether or not the Modem is a Gateway? Have you tried reserving the SlingCatcher a Static IP Address on the network devices?




          Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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              Hi Stanley,


              Thanks so much for trying to help!


              No, I don't have a Gateway--I have a ZTE router from my ISP to receive the fiber optic signal.  It is in bridge mode, and plugged in to the Airport Extreme, which distributes the addresses to all the wired and wireless devices, among them the SlingCatcher.  The router may well be the element responsible for the 12 hour + 2 minute drops, as mysterious dropouts seem to be a know problem with Airport Extreme routers, but since there were also dropouts every 12 hours + 2 minutes with a different (non-Airport) router, I simply do not know, and my ISP says they are not causing them.


              As for the constantly changing IPs, what really has me confused is that all 4 sets of numbers change constantly:  XYZZ.AB.STRA.RR becomes BADZ.TRWX.YZWW.BBCQ, for example, where I would have thought that either they wouldn't change when the Airport Extreme drops, or would only change in the last group or two.  It seems to me that the ISP is doing something really strange.


              When the SlingCatcher does not connect, I cannot ping the static IP where the Slingbox is located, and the Traceroute hangs at atlas.cogentco.com.  Whether it is correlation or cause I do not know.  Is there some reason all connections to my Slingbox in Texas always go through the atlas.cogentco.com server?  And is there any way to force it to use a different route? 


              As per your suggestion, I assigned the SlingCatcher a static internal IP from the Airport Extreme.  It has not solved the problem.


              To date, the only semi-solution I have found is to reset the Airport Extreme by changing the DHCP Lease time, although it does not always work.  Usually, though, after 4 to 15 resets, the ping works again, as does the SlingCatcher, although once, even after 39 resets, it still did not connect.  I have no explanation as to why resetting the Airport Extreme with the DHCP Lease Time  (usually) works.  Have you an explanation for this, or a better semi-solution?  Or a real solution???


              What am I missing?  And what can I do to end this very frustrating situation?  Your help is greatly appreciated.