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    UK Digital Free to air coax to slingbox classic won't tune in


      Help please?


      I have a classic model 150 UK spec box connected to UK Free to air Co-ax cable digital input. The set up wizard option is selected to search co-ax input for digital free to air channels and the same cable, when plugged into my Samsung TV allows it to find many HD and std channels.


      The classic is connected to power and a Lan line to a DSL 2680 router and the PC Lan is also connected to the router. The slingbox lights are both solid.


      The scan starts just fine but stops at 42 to 54% complete, then hangs. The progress bar stops and the window along side flashes up 'Starting'.


      I've re-installed the PC software which came with the box on a CD and runs on Wondows XP and run three scans; each stops around the 50% point.

      I'd advise which firmware is running if I could find the link.


      Any advice most welcome.