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    Turning TV off after I watch Slingbox away from Home


      My Setup - Slingbox connected to DirecTV Set top box.  HDMI and Component Cables (Red, Green Blue) video and (Red/White) Audio from Slingbox to Directv box - then HDMI to TV.


      Everything works great, but when I am watching on my laptop, phone or tablet while away from home, the Slingbox has to turn on my DirecTV box (video Source), which I am assuming is turning on my TV.  When I am done watching, I can hit the Power OFF on the Virtual Remote - but that is not turning off my TV...  So if I am away, my TV is on for a period of time, until it shuts itself off.  I'd like to make sure the TV isn't on while I am away (could freak out the wife!)


      Let me know - Thanks!!!!!

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC6148624,


          Do you have a SmarTV or a HDTV?


          This issue with turning your TV on when you press the power button on the onscreen remote is a setting inside your TV.  Most SmarTV's/HDTV comes with a setting that when the TV senses a signal through the HDMI cable, the TV automatically turns on.


          Now the following steps may not work for your TV, but try to follow these steps to see if you can turn this setting off:


          1. Open the "Menu".
          2. Go to "Systems".
          3. Locate "Any Net plus".
          4. Turn off "Any Net Plus".


          If these steps do not work, look at your TV's manual for instructions how to turn this setting off.


          Hope this helps!!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team