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    Why does it only see a wireless network.


      Why does my slingbox 500 only see a wireless network and does not see hardwired connection

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello hardinent,


          We would need more information before we can find out why your Slingbox only sees a Wireless network, not an Ethernet Connection (hardwired).


          • When you connect the Slingbox with an Ethernet cable, are you running it directly to the router?
          • If not, how is the Ethernet cable connected to the Slingbox?
          • If so, have you gone through the setup again through the onscreen UI? If not, have a look at this article below:


          Awaiting your response!!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              I also have this same issue.I have tried connecting directly to the modem, directly to the router, directly to a switch. In all cases the ethernet connection fails.  I tried resetting the Slingbox and then setting up the network setting again. When choosing to use the hardwired ethernet option, the screen shows a spinning image for several minutes.  It then times out and indicates that it could not find the network.  WIFI does seem to work using the same router.

              Please advise.  Unit is two weeks old.