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    Surface Pro 3


      So I got one of the new surface pro 3 and it seems that the slingplayer pluging in will work one time and them it will never reconnect. I did this in IE and firefox and each time it works one time and the next connection it reports that it can't connect to my slignbox.


      So I saw there was a trial version of the windows 8 app and i tried it. It works properly. Strange how the free app will not work but the paid app does. As Slignbox will not provide me any support unless I pay the I am wondering is this common with these windows 8 devices. I know the connection works as I can watch on my ipad, iphone and my mac.


      Seems like a way slignbox saw there was a paid app available and the free one stoped working. Any one else run into this issue ? 

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          Figures that slignbox will not comment on this. I find there support to be pretty much non exsistant. They only seems to want to help if you have a brand new product. Otherwise get you wallet out.

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            kevin.sling Apprentice

            Hello mpf541,


            Sorry you are experiencing this with your Surface Computer.


            The issue you are experiencing is with the Surface Pro's operating system.  The Surface Pro's operating system prevents the SlingPlayer for Web Plug-in to work correctly.


            Due to this, Sling Media created the SlingPlayer for Windows 8 application that customers can place on Surface Computers or Windows Tablets. Unfortunately, the only way a Surface Computer will work with any SlingPlayer, will have to be with the SlingPlayer for Windows 8 application.


            Best Regards!!



            Sling Media Moderation Team

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                While I can agreee with that for a surface RT this is a surface pro 3. This has a fully working internet explorer in desktop mode. Youtr product would not work. Are you telling me that Microsoft made a special windows 8.1 just for the surface pro?


                As you pugin says it works with IE in desktop mode. The surface pro 3 runs Windows 8.1 pro There should be no reason for me to have to buy an app for this.


                This is one of the reasons I will probably never buy another sling product. The slignbox costs enough to buy. I should not have to pay for the app to watch it on a mobile devise or another computer.