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    Connection Need help please Sling Box Pro


      Have  had a Slingbox and slingbox pro for years.  The current issue with the  Slingbox Pro is that it stays connected just find but after a while it  will no longer connect.  The network and power lights remain on but when  I connect it says that it cannot.  If I am home I can unplug it and  then plug it back in and the sling logo will start working and then all  is good for a short while then I cannot connect again.  Getting very  frustrated actually.  Checked it before we went out of town and all was  good tried to use it a day later remotely and no luck.  Just got back  home and once unplugged and plugged back in works fine.  Any ideas?


      My other slingbox which I went to vist this past week    has not worked for a few months.  Power light is on but cannot get  network light to come on.  Tried resetting that as well and no luck  either.  No network light.  bought it around 2006 if I recall.  (not at  that unit again till about 2 weeks or so)