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    Roku not available yet on Slingplayer App for android tablet


      I just purchased the Slingplayer App for my Android tablet to use with my Slingbox but also to steam my Roku player, the advertised new feature.  To my surprise and disappointment, this new feature is not available yet on the Slingplayer Tablet app.  When will Slingbox add this function and how will I be able to upgrade?


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          i have the same question. just spent 600 bucks on sling and roku's and none of it works the way its suppose to with the advertised capabilty. what the ****! please reply to our posts with a time line or valid work around.  or else tell me to return the purchase please. i expectedd more from a trusted hardware, app like slingbox! the extra 15 bucks was also annoying after spending 300!!! at least you gave me wires, good job on that, hate buying something and no wires included, can you say roku.......

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            This is making me sad. I bought two of these slingboxes and it was already annoying that I couldn't get them to work with my roku, fortunetly I found a way to access it on my google TV, until they took that away! Now the dang things are just collecting dust because I can't use my roku like I wanted (and I can't use my Google TV anymore).


            I did find a way to hack on the client to my Google TV, but it complains that it wants updated all the time, yet it can't update because it's not actually available for google TV from the market place. I got it to work with my phone once, but it doesn't always work as intended, and my table won't interface directly.


            The whole concept of having to use another device to send video the roku just seems dumb, why can't they just make a normal roku app that will let you launch it and connect without the need for some other device. It's just asking for trouble requiring more devices to make this work.


            Please make the roku app function by itself, even if you charge to download it. Whenever I sit down to watch my roku, I don't want to have to fish around for my phone or even my tablet just to be able to "send" the video to my roku.



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              Just purchased the 500 and sling player app for android tablet and Roku 3.

              Very deceiving, intend to return the Roku ,it's not available on a tablet.

              Anybody knows if  WD or apple tv   are available fot android  tabletd?

              Seems they are only interested with apple apps products


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