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    Worth upgrading from sky fibre to fibre pro?

    stringer3 Newbie



      Slingbox solo in UK, slingcatcher in France.  Upload speed in UK is around 9, with sky fibre, in France download speed around 8.5.  Reception in France pretty good.  But would it be even better if I upgraded to pro with advertised upload speed of 19?

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          nlel Newbie

          I have about a 16mbit upload on the Internet connection my Slingbox Solo is connected too and at the other end I was only receiving at about 3mbit, if I connect over a wired LAN I only get 5 mbit so in my opinion not worth upgrading the upload speed as the Slingbox won't make the most of it.

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            OvCollyer Apprentice

            You'd see a bigger improvement in quality in upgrading to a Slingbox Pro-HD (which will work with your SlingCatcher) or better still a Slingbox 350 or 500 (which won't work with your catcher).


            I don't think any of the Slingboxes will stream at more than about 8mbit/s so I don't think there is much or anything to gain if you had a faster upload speed.


            Besides, you wouldn't see any benefit as you're limited to whichever is slowest of your download speed in France and upload speed in the UK - which would be 8.5.


            And that assumes that other bottlenecks along the route aren't already slowing you down from the maximum possible of 8.5 - do you know what bitrates you get? There is a way of viewing it on the SlingCatcher though I've forgotten how because it's been a while since I used one.


            Bottom line advice : if you want to improve your picture and still keep using your SlingCatcher then get a Pro-HD. If you're not hung up on the SlingCatcher then get a 350 or 500. However bear in mind you'll need to use the HDMI output from your Sky box (to stream at the higher resolutions) and likely need to use a converter to convert it to component to get around HDCP issues.