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    Firmware problem 01.04.032


      I have used the 350 for a week or so and there is definitely a bug in the software version 01.04.032 as I constantly have to restart the box in order to connect. All I do is restarting the box then it's working again. There are no problems with my network. The problem exists both on the local LAN and when connected remotely over the internet.


      Luckily I have a tellstick duo set up in the house so I can remote boot the box. Without this workaround the 350 would have been useless!


      Is 01.04.032 the latest software version available?

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          I am having a similar problem. I checked my firmware and it is 01.04.032 and the only device that can "watch" with the slingbox 350 is the computer connected to the router at the house. No streaming apps on my roku, or two netgears, or even my laptop or desktop at remote locations.


          I have reset back to factory settings and re-installed everything.


          Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


          Thank you.

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              kevin.sling Apprentice

              Hello jonsherman,


              The issue you are are having sounds like the Internet Viewing was not configured correctly through your home router.   Normally, the Slingbox 350 does this manually but in some cases the customer will have to go into their router and configure the Internet Viewing manually.


              What needs to be done is that you will have to go into your router settings and manually open port 5201 with the IP address of your Slingbox for TCP streaming.  Have a look at this article below to explain what TCP streaming details:



              As you read the article, the article talks about "UPnP and Port Forwarding".


              Currently your Slingbox is set for RELAY streaming.  You will have to manually port forward your Slingbox for TCP streaming.  You can find most router information from portforward.com where there is instructions on how to port forward a Slingbox. 


              • NOTE: This site describes port forwarding older Slingbox models with port 5001.  Just make sure you use 5201 for the Slingbox 350.


              Hope this helps!!!



              Sling Media Moderation Team

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              kevin.sling Apprentice

              Hello pompel,


              The question on if 1.04.032 is the latest firmware version available for a Slingbox 350, the answer is yes.  You can find this out by checking out the following article:



              Now to the issue of you having to restart your Slingbox.  You've stated that there is nothing wrong with your network.  Have you ran a speed test of you current network speeds to verify?  If not you can run a free speed test of your home network at the following website:


              • Speedtest.net
                • Just make sure you click on "Begin Test" as this is the last item loaded on the screen.


              If you run this free test, please let me know what the download and upload speeds are at the home location and if you can, at the remote location as well.


              Awaiting your response!!!



              Sling Media Moderation Team