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    My Media..?


      Hello, I'm confused as to how I can access videos on 'My Media' for my SB500. Your website says it's on the Android and iPhone versions of Slingplayer but I have the iPad version, why wouldn't this be on the iPad version as well? Now I have to buy a new license for the iPhone version to use it on my tablet, makes no sense. But moving on, it also says I can access it on Watch on Slingbox.com, so I went there and downloaded the plug-in... yet there is no "My Media" between "Live TV" and "Settings" like your support website says... what am I doing wrong?

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          AndyK Newbie

          It's annoying isn't it about the iPad, its almost like there are two teams one doing the iPhone app and the other doing the iPad.


          I posted about this and got the reply back that I could install the iPhone app on my iPad, I wasn't very happy and my reply was edited by the support staff.


          If you click on the (i) at the bottom it shows that the My Media should appear between LiveTV and Settings, it doesn't show for me.