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    Remote Control issue with ATT Uverse


      I have been having trouble with my Slingbox 500 for a while now.  It steams video and audio just fine, but i am unable to change channels or any functions via the remote control.  I have re-installed the remote controlers several times with no success.  I have changed the controls with no success as well.  If any one has any information one possible fixes i would really appreciated it.  I work overseas and depend on my slingbox to watch football games.  Need to get this sorted out prior to the end of Summer.  


      Thank you

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC5505570,


          Just had a quick question for you.


          Did you connect the External IR Blaster on the Slingbox 500?


          The Slingbox 500 does have an Internal IR but if the Slingbox is on a different shelve and the Internal IR is not in line of sight of the cable box, the Slingbox would not be able to send the signal to the cable box to change channels.


          If this is the case, I would recommend connecting the External IR Blaster to the Slingbox and place the pyramid part in front of the cable box about 2 inches.


          Hope this helps!!! 



          Sling Media Moderation Team