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    Nokia X6




      Im looking to buy a Nokia X6 to view sky tv using slingbox and the 3g HSDPA speed of the phone is only 3.6 Mbps, will the picture stream well at this speed or is it likely to break up only i notice there a some phones with a much higher Mbps speed i.e. Nokia 6700 = 10 Mbps

      I assume the higher the speed the better the picture.


      I realise that this is not the latest phone but its the best i can afford at £ 17.00 per month with 300mins/texts and unlimited internet on 3





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          eferz Expert

          Here's a link to all the mobile devices that is supported by Slingplayer Mobile.




          Unfortunately, Nokia X6 is not listed as a supported device.


          As far as bandwidth requirements, Mobile Streaming requires 150 Kbps (0.1464844 Mbps) or higher



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              Hi Eferz,


              Thank you for your reply, i'm pretty sure that this phone is compatible being a symbian phone, im not sure how uptodate the list is.


              Perhaps if there is anyone using the Nokia X6 with slingbox they could report on how well it works?





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                  Hi, stimsim.


                  Thank you  for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum!


                  The main  issue is that the Nokia X6 Mobile device is not included in the  supported Mobile devices list. This means that even though you can  download and install the SPM application, it might not work properly.


                  This link will allow  you to get the information about the supported Symbian Mobile devices.


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