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    Missing channels?


      Hello- I just chatted with someone through slingbox support who suggested that I pursue help with this issue here. I am now only able to view local stations through slingbox although we are subscribed to more channels.  THe guide works fine, and if I select a non-local channel it finds it appropriately but a black screen appears. If I select "enter" the title of the show appears but there is no show. The suggestions listed on the FAQs state to reset the video input through the "configure inputs" screen and there is no option for me to reset anything. I ran through the steps several times on three different browsers on two computers and also went through the "Program Guide" steps, but nothing changes. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello jskrowski,


               I understand you are having difficulties getting a video feed out of your Slingbox. Have you tried configuring the Slingbox to a different audio/video source to see if you can get video when using a different source? I would recommend reconfiguring the Slingbox with it attached to a DVD/Blu-ray Player or similar device so that you may be able to determine whether or not the issue is with the Slingbox, A/V source, or the cables themselves.


          Here is a helpful link to assist you in the reconfiguration of the Sllingbox unit:



          I would also recommend performing a hard reset on the Slingbox as a troubleshooting step for this particular issue:




          Hope this helps!



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