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    Changing Channels on latest S/W


      I cannot seem to be able to change the channels on the latest Windows 8 software. Only way is via up/down buttons via the "remote."

      If I enter the channel # directly in either the "remote" or "keypad" nothing happens...

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          EDIT: Seemingly obvious solution just worked for me - simply uninstall and re-install the app, now  the remote is working!


          Same here - the latest Windows 8 update has completely disabled my remote control, and I can't even power up my PVR let alone change a channel (all still works fine on Android etc...).


          Entering a channel number via the keypad also doesn't work, so seems like remote support has been completely broken in this release, now the whole system is now effectively useless :-(


          Slingbox support, is this a known issue and do you have a workaround please?