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    Pro-HD & Windows 8.1 Works !


      I just wanted to share with all the following....

      I owned both an iphone 5s and Ipad 2nd & 3rd gen....tried slingplayer for all 3 but I had low quality, wrong aspect ratio and very frequent doscinnects...

      Now I have tried the latest version of the Windows 8.1 software on my Microsft Surface 1st gen and the result is GREAT !

      very good quality, very rare disconnects and perfect aspect ratio !! (only drawback since airplay is not suported on Windows I cannot use my appleTV so I have to connect the Microsoft Surface 8.1 via HDMI cable)


      2 questions to Slingbox Suport team....

      1) I thought you had stated that there is a h/w limitations on the PRO-HD and thus the apsect ratio is not correct on iOS devices....how is that it works flawlesly on the Windows device?

      2) I cannot seem to het the channel changes to work...only via the remote by using the up/down buttons (any direct channel number submission via remote and keypad options does not work)