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    How to find the data streaming format on a Mac


      Can anyone tell me how to find out what data format is being streamed from my Slingbox?


      In several places, I have found suggestions that Shift-alt-l (the letter l) in the SlingPlayer, and Control- left click in Watch on Slingbox.com, but these seem to work only on Windows computers.


      How can I find out whether my Slingbox is streaming TCP, SNATT or RELAY on my Mac OS X 10.6.8 using SlingPlayer or on newwatch.slingbox.com?  Are there similar keystrokes that provide the information? 


      And, once I have found out what it is streaming, can it only be changed on the network where the Slingbox is, or can it be changed remotely?


      Any help will be much appreciated. 


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          ferguspa Apprentice

          For a Mac:


          (Standalone) SlingPlayer for OS X:

          With the Option key held down, View -> Show Statistics Window


          Watch on Slingbox.com:

          With the Control and Shift keys held down, double-click the video stream itself


          SlingPlayer Embedded:

          With the Control key held down (or right-click), click the video stream itself and select "Video Info"


          All that being said, I believe that TCP streaming is the only way a Mac can connect.  I've been behind firewalls where the same Slingbox works on a PC but not on a Mac (via Watch on Slingbox.com).

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              Thanks so much for your helpful post. 


              While I couldn't find the streaming format by clicking as you suggested, your different directions spurred me on to experiment, and I found that, on my MacBook Pro using OS X 10.6.8, in Watch on Slingbox.com, holding the Option + Shift and clicking in the picture brought up the information I was looking for, so you have my gratitude.

              However, my problems continue, and I have just described them in a different post.  Now that I know that both of my Slingbox Pros are streaming Relay, and one can be viewed on my Slingcatcher, while the other cannot, I am at a total loss.  If you can again point me in the right direction, I would be ever so grateful.  The new post is titled:  Multiple problems streaming to a Slingcatcher.