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    How can I get TV from a single source to two different locations


      I want to use a SlingBox 500 that would be installed in the U.S. to provide TV viewing to my home in Costa Rica. We have good Internet at both ends, and a Samsung Smart TV, and a modern wireless router here in Costa Rica. So far, so good.


      BUT, I also need to provide TV to our rental house here in Costa Rica but on a different electrical service.


      Is there a way to use the same SlingBox 500 to provide concurrent viewing on different TV channels from that one U.S. source?


      If not, can I connect two 500s to the same programming source in the U.S? Is it likely that the router in the U.S. could handle the traffic of two 500s concurrently?


      Thanks in advance.




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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          You'd need two Slingboxes and if you want to allow viewing two different channels (ie a different one at each location) concurrently you'd need two cable/satellite sources so one Slingbox connected to each.


          You'll need enough upload bandwidth at the location of the two boxes to handle both at the same time. If you want HD you'll need a minimum stable bandwidth of 3-4mbps for each so 6-8mbps. Call it 8mbps to be on the safe side. That's for HD you would need considerably less for SD.