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    circular setup - can't get remote to stick


      Hoping someone can help me out with this - I'm trying to watch my slingbox via slingbox.com but am getting trapped in a circular setup loop.  Here's what happens:


      1. Go to slingbox.com, login

      2. Redirected to newwatch.slingbox.com

      3. Connection to slingbox is successful; I can see/hear the media

      4. There is a message at the bottom of the screen "Your input is not configured to use a remote control.  Do you want to configure onw?"  (Clicking the show/hide remote button does nothing; I have to click 'Yes' or 'No')

      5. Click 'Yes' - redirected to setup.slingbox.com

      6. Successfully run through all the setup steps - model, testing on-screen remote works fine, channel setting, zip code, provider

      7. At the end of setup, click 'Watch Live TV'

      8. Redirected to newwatch.slingbox.com

      9. Same message appears at the bottom of the screen - return to step 4


      I'm on a mac; I've tried with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari but all run into the same problem.  I have a Tivo Premiere XL4; I've tried using a couple of different on-screen remotes in the setup just to see if one of them will stick.


      I can watch and control my slingbox if I stay in the setup process, but it's not ideal since I can't fullscreen etc.


      Any suggestions how to get out of this loop?