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    Slingbox Connection Problem


      I have two slingboxes located in Florida. A Pro HD is connected via wire to a 10 MB / 1 MB service. The other is a 500 connected to a different ISP at 20 MB / 2 MB speed. I am sing the boxes remotely from Ecuador on a 3 MB / 3 MB service. I utilize two Logitech Revues and a WD box for viewing. On all devices I cannot get better than 200-300k upload spped from either slingboxes when speed tests done at both locations are close to what they should be. A speed test at the remote location is also near service. Anyone have any ideas where I am losing banfwidth? Constant video hickups and restreaming.

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          rpcb61 Newbie

          To be able to view the slingbox remotly you need a good upload speed where the slingbox is located and good download speed where you view the slingbox from.


          You say you have only a 1 mbits upload speed at the location of your slingbox. So 300 kbits is about all you will get.


          If you get a faster upload speed at your slingbox location you will be flying.