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    Analog audio does not function




      I had been using a digital audio cable (not the optical) to my Slingbox Pro HD for the past few months but decided to use that cable for something else.  Right now, I have it hooked up through component for video so I used the red/white analog wires on it to hook up to the Slingbox, however I got no audio.  I tried the svideo's red and white as well and got no audio on it either.


      However, when I hook up the red/white analog audio cables to my digital receiver from the cable box, the sounds come through just fine, so I know its not a problem with the cables and not a problem with the cable box.  Went through multiple setups and unplugged the Slingbox, just to be sure.


      So, what gives?  I see no settings to tell the Slingbox to use analog vs digital so I just assume it uses whatever it detects, but it would seem it isn't detecting the analog at all.  I went ahead and plugged the digital cable back in and its working again but what gives guys?  Why is there no manual override setting?  It would seem that I have one of two problems here:  1.  The auto-detect isn't detecting sound or is stuck on looking for digital sound or 2.  BOTH analog audio ports are broken on this thing


      How do I fix this or am I stuck with a broken Slingbox?


      Thanks in advance.