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    What's happened to my 3G connection?


      In the past I have succesfully connected to my solo via wireless and via 3G connections. I seem to have lost the ability to connect now via a 3G connection and get error message "slingplayer is unable to render the video stream".


      The wireless connection still works but most of the time I'm not near a wireless connection so any ideas on what's wrong with the 3G connection would be gratefully received.


      I'm running windows 7 32bit OS




        • Re: What's happened to my 3G connection?

          Hi Rob,


          I had the same issue and Sling Support came with below recommendation.


          Creating a second profile will solve your problem. In your 2nd profile you'll need to have your slingbox located via your local IP address rather than through Slingbox finder ID.


          So when I connect to Slingplayer on my Nokia I have to options in Slingbox Directory:


          1. connecting to Sling Home

          2. connecting to Sling 3G



          Good luck.