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    Pro HD didn't help with iPhone


      I had the Slingbox Pro streaming to the iPhone and had very bad picture quality.  I just purchased the Slingbox Pro HD and the picture quality is the same.  I have 10 down and 3 up internet service so that shouldn't be the problem.  The quality is bad both on wifi and 3g, and doesn't matter whether I'm at home or away.  The other weird thing is that the quality is marginally better on SD channels than on the HD channels.  For example, on Directv, if I watch the world cup on ESPN HD, I can't read the clock and the picture is very pixellated and blocky.  If I watch on regular ESPN, the quality is still bad but slightly better.  Doesn't make a difference whether I use HQ or SQ option. Tried turning off stero, etc...


      Any thoughts?

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          eferz Expert

          You have to realize that you're dealing with a few resolutions; QVGA (480x320), SD (640x480), HD (1280x720 or 1920x1080).  The iPhone has a native resolution of 480x320.   Depending on the output of the set-top box can be either SD or HD.  So, in order for Slingbox to display your television content on your iPhone, it needs to perform pixel compression.  Otherwise you'd have to scroll around the screen while only viewing small segements at a time.  The higher pixel compression, the less define the picture will be.  That's why its easier to read text from SD content rather than HD content.

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              Morac Newbie

              Another problem is that Sling isn't using the H.264 which is the native video format on the phone.  The software is actually decoding WMV video which is why the quality is so poor and there's frequency A/V sync issues.  The app is okay, but Sling really needs to change the description of the iPhone app as it's really false advertising.  It's neither high quality nor 30 fps.

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                  eferz Expert

                  Actually, the Slingbox Solo and the Slingbox Pro-HD will stream H.264 to the iPhone and the Web Slingplayer for Mac.  I'm not sure where you're getting your information but could it be a misquote from Dave Zatz interview with Dave Eyler?  I've noticed a lot of sites misquoting the original article.




                  I recently checked in with my  former Sling peeps, regarding mobile clients. Specifically, codecs  and resolution. As we know, a  Slingbox Android client is on tap this summer. And I wondered if  they’re sticking with WMV video streaming or moving to H.264 for this  platform. While I wasn’t able to get a definitive answer on Android from  Mobile Product Marketing Manager, Dave Eyler, I have learned they’re  “actively moving towards H.264″ – which requires the newer, more capable  placeshifters (think SOLO or PRO-HD).  Also, it’s really no surprise that they’ll be going the Silverlight  route for Windows Phone 7.


                  In regards to resolution, I don’t don’t believe Sling Media has taken  mobile client video resolutions beyond 320×240. By design, due to  processing power, memory, bandwidth and battery life. But, here  comes the iPad. And I don’t want a pixel-doubled iPhone SlingPlayer  app on that large screen. Fortunately, Sling has confirmed they’re  prepared to accommodate me with something a bit better, some day…


                  I've been using the Slingplayer for the iPhone since it was released and have never seen an audio video synchronization issue.  If there are quality issues, its more likely due to the down resolution and encryption that's being applied to the stream.