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    Slingplayer for iPad and iPhone losses connection.


      Hello, I've got a slingbox for 8-9 month now and at the beginning it worked well, but after the new year it have turned into really bad.

      almost every evening since the beginning of januar I've had connection issues from my slingplayer ap on both the phone and the iPad where the connection drops about 1-3 times every minute, and it can keep on for hours.


      It does work flawlessly on the computer though during the same period.


      Have tried to remove and reinstall the app on the units without any changes, the only thing that works is to close the app and open it again, and then reconnect to the stream but it just feel meanless and a really rage moment to do that so many times per minute.


      Have read alot on this forum and see that more people have the same problem, will it ever come any solution or is it needed to check for other solutions that really works the way it should work?

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi lovg,


          Thanks for using the forums. Sorry to hear you are having issues viewing your Slingbox through your apps on the iPhone and iPad.


          What type of connection are you using to view the Slingbox? Are you using 3G or 4G or are you using wifi? If the computer works fine on the same network, that generally would mean the issue would lie within the apps themselves or the connections they are using. If using 3G or 4G, it could be that the signal isn't strong enough to keep the Slingbox connected. The article below should help you further.



          Hope this helps,


          Sling Moderation Team

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              Hello, I'm using Wifi on my iPad.

              And it's so dependent on the time of the day.

              It generally works better at the forenoon, but after 7pm, it can really be hopeless to try connect on the iPad, it's usually that time I got disconnected all the time, it's not even scales down to low quality, it just buffering and buffering and suddenly disconnects. Meanwhile it works without problem on the website so I would guess it's something wrong with the connection between the app itself and the service. the Ipad can still work with other application that needs internet without problem.


              I haven't tried from 3G during that time of the day when I don't find it neccessary when I got an highspeedconnection in the house.

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              I'm still struggling with this problem.

              It can work ok many days, but when it start to fails, it continue to fail a whole day with disconnection every 5:th minute.

              I've tried to reinstall the app many times on both my ipad and iphone.

              When it refuse to works on IOS it works without any problem at all on my computer and I still see that many have problem with this, will we see any solution or will it be hopeless forever?

              As for now I think it will be option number 2 when it have been this bad for me for 7-8 months without improvement.