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    Help with Genie Mini ?


      Thanks in advance for your time.  Ive had All models of the sling box from the beginning.  I have the Sling Box Pro HD if I need to upgraed I will.  The problem is it worked fine aand I loved it.  We then change are cable company to DirecTV.  Now in my office were the sling box is hooked up I have the DirecTV Genie-Mini in the office.  The main box is in the family room.


      I can not connect it to the TV in the office.  Can this be done and if so is there a setup video or instructions for this.  Apreciate any help as I miss my sling box the past month and a half.


      Thanks Again

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello BigBlue1986,


          Had a few questions for you:


          • When you stated that you cannot connect, are you getting connected but do not seeing video?
          • If this is the case, does the Genie box that you have have HDMI and Composite (Yellow, Red, White) connections?
          • If there is HDMI cables involved, are you running the HDMI cable to the TV and Composite to Slingbox or are you just running Composite from Genie to Slingbox the Slingbox to TV?


          If you are using the HDMI cable, the satellite provider can reserve the right to block viewing to a Slingbox by embedding a code to block you from watch copy written material being viewed.


          Check out this article for more details:



          The fix in this article does say to use Component from the cable box to you Slingbox and from your Slingbox to the TV, but if you only have the Composite cables then you will just have to run another set of Composite from the Slingbox to the TV and totally eliminating the HDMI all together.


          Hope this helps!!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team