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    Please Make the Chome Extension Available through the Chome Web Store


      Google has instituted a new policy that automatically disables the Slingbox web extension, as well as any extensions not downloaded directly from the Chrome web store, for Chrome and there is no way to re-enable it.  Google says the only way to solve the problem is for slingbox to make the extension available through the Chrome web store, and that this should be relatively easy.  Given the millions of users chrome has, I would suggest you do this ASAP.




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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello jsagal,


               I understand you are looking to install the SlingPlayer extension from the Chrome Webstore. Here are the instructions on how to do just that:


          1. Select from the upper right hand corner (Customize and Control Google Chrome).
          2. Choose 'Settings' from the list.
          3. On the left side of the screen it should show 'Extensions'
          4. If SlingPlayer for Google Chrome is already listed and enabled be sure  to delete it. (If it's not enabled be sure to enable it. This may immediately  solve the problem.)
          5. Back over to the left hand side select 'Get Extensions'.
          6. Now on the bottom of this list of extensions that are currently  installed to the computer you should show another hyper-link labeled as 'Get  More Extensions'. This will direct you to the Chrome Web Store.
          7. Now in the search field of the Chrome Web Store simply search  Slingplayer for Web choose to Install or add the new extension.




          You may have to restart the browser after installing the plugin via this  method, but it should work!




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