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    Slingbox Constantly Disconnects from Internet


      I bought my slingbox back in December, right before I moved to Dubai and left it at my parents house so I can follow all my teams and watch US tv while abroad. Since then, at least once a month, my slingbox randomly disconnects from the internet connection. I am connected via wifi and I should have just set it up wired but its too late. My parents are not tech savvy at all and so I cant even ask them to set up a wired connection. Why is my Slingbox 500 doing this? I always get the code below:


      There's a problem communicating with your  Slingbox. Make sure that the Network and Power lights are on, your  router is set up correctly, and there are no firewalls blocking access.





      My only resolution has been having my dad unplug the system from electricity for a couple hours and then replug it. Eventually the connection will resume and I can go on watching. Times when my slingbox died when I really needed it:


      Super Bowl

      NBA Finals

      World Cup Start

      My NBA team's final playoff game



      Singbox please help me out and get this resolved.    

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello GhassanPDX,


          Sorry to hear that you are experiencing the disconnections when you are watch abroad. 


          What this sounds like is the Internet Viewing was not set up correctly at the home location.  This would have to be setup at the home location unfortunately.


          If your Slingbox is still in warranty, Sling Media Support will be willing to assist the individual at the home location. If you want someone at the home location to call in at 877-GO-SLING  (877-467-5464), a Sling Media Technician can set up the Internet Viewing for your Slingbox.


          Hope this helps !!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team