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    Windows 8.1 Slingplayer Update


      The Windows 8.1 Slingplayer update released on June 12, 2014 isn't worth a darn.  The remote for my DirecTV receiver now looks right, but none of the buttons work.  All I can do is watch the last channel that was shown.  Also, at the start of streaming, the display is always shown squished into a 4:3 mode.  I always have to select 16:9, even though the aspect ration selection is already 16:9.


      I'm glad that you are trying to improve the Slingplayer experience on Windows 8, but at least release an update that actually works.

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          Yes, I too am having major issues with the latest Windows Store Slingplayer update.


          I cannot change any channels or use any of the remote functions. I have confirmed that I have all the normal functionality if I use slingbox.com and all was was well with the previous verion of Slingplayer, but now my Slingbox is useless with the new Slingplayer update as I cannot change any channels.