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    Connection way below bandwidth on both ends


      I have a home in Los Angeles with a Slingbox 350 connected to my Verizon cable box and internet via ethernet cable.  I also have a home in Osaka Japan where I watch that content via the Slingplayer plug-in set on "Auto" quality.


      Its 6pm in Tokyo, and 2am in LA right now. 


      - My LA connection shows 9.91 Mps upload speed (Ookla test)

      - My Osaka connection shows 19.1 Mps download speed (Ookla test)


      Bandwith capacity in the pop-up viewer indicates "Excellent" at less than 300 Kbs, which is 0.3 Mps.  The picture is far from "Excellent" and often falls to unviewable resolution.


      Whats going on?  Why isn't the view using more available bandwidth???  I have control of all settings on both ends.  Please help me understand how to fix this.



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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          It'll be the bits of the Internet in-between your ISPs - ie the vast majority of the route!


          Your connection speed between the Slingbox and viewing location will only be as fast as the slowest hop along the way which may vary from day-to-day and hour-to-hour.


          Also, latency will slow down the bitrates you will get from a Slingbox - you may be able get around this to some extent by using a proxy server.


          It's a topic that has been done many times, search either these forums or the site 'placeshifting enthusiasts'.


          Bottom line is there is a lot more to it than the speeds you are reporting which only give you the speed from 1) Slingbox to ISP and 2) ISP to viewing location.


          You could start by running a speedtest at the viewing location to a server as close as possible to the location of your Slingbox, which should also give you an indication of latency (the 'ping' value).

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            Thanks for the info!  I tested my connection from both ends back to a server on the opposite side and the connection is indeed much slower.



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                OvCollyer Apprentice

                One thing that can work is a proxy server - basically instead of connecting directly to your Slingbox you connect instead to an intermediate server along the route/close to the Slingbox which in turn connects to the Slingbox. For reasons I think relating to latency or routing you can sometimes see a dramatic improvement in streaming speed.


                Search the 'placeshifting enthusiasts' forum for details and tips for proxy server providers.

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                    I tried setting up a proxy server (from Trusted Proxies) to solve the same problem, but it seems there is a problem doing so from the slingbox web player app.  I change streaming server to custom settings and save, but stream does not even interrupt and there is no change is speed, despite trying 6 different proxies.  Any suggestions? I really don't want to route all my internet traffic through the proxy, just the slingplayer.