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    Slingplayer for Windowns 7 using Slingbox 500


      I just purchased the Sling 500 and got it all working... When I came to realize that the sling player software for windowns is not supported....


      what an upset !!!


      I will be returning this Slingbox to the store where I purchased. I can't control the upload limit on the 500. The Pro and previous generations I could easily control the upload bandwitdh.


      When the 500 is at its best streaming It goes up to 9 megabits/sec. I mean ... that's is alot of data guys .... and the fact that I can't control this ... it is simply not well designed product.


      Here is something even wrost... while I play on my mobile device when I use the 500 on LOW Quality the download from my 4G goes as high as 1.3 megabits/sec. and on high quality goes to 2.3megabits/sec.


      When I use the solo AV the speeds caps at 650kilobits/sec and that's something more desirable....


      The picture quality is virtually identical between the 2 except when you switch to high quality streaming on the 500...


      Bottom line. Don't get the 350 or 500 go for the Pro-HD model. unless you have unlimited data on your 4G network and at home. See the data usage based on 1 hour and 20 hours.


      Upload Megabits1 Hour Gygabyte20 Hour Gygabyte