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    Low Streaming when 5001 TCP-UDP is open




      Slingbox model: Pro-HD

      Slingbox Location: Spain

      Slingplayer: Saudi Arabia


      I have a problem with my slingbox pro-HD. I am viewing in SNATT my slingbox streaming at 2.2 MBs aprox from Spain to Saudi Arabia. So far so good.

      To get this quality, my router in Spain does not have any port open. Port 5001 is closed.

      However, in order to use Jaksta, when I try to open the port 5001 (TCP or UDP or both), then streaming rate using slingplayer, drops to 0.7-1 MBs and quality decreases a lot. I can still view, but is not comparable with the streaming when 5001 is closed in my router in Spain. With 5001 open, I can use jaksta to record the streaming, and watch it later.


      Anyone is facing a similar problem? would you please offer some clarity? I have been looking for solutions in internet, and seems that disabling UPNP may help, but I have not tested this yet.


      any advice is more than welcome