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    Skip forward/back buttons greyed out


      I have a Sony Internet Player with Google TV (Model # NSZ-GS8), which comes with and is supposed to support the SlingPlayer app.  The Sony device actually does so except in one crucial respect:  The DVR buttons to skip forward or back in six-second increments (to replay a brief segment or speed through commercials) are inaccessible/inoperative.  More specifically, although I can see these buttons on the TV screen--just as I can the pause, play, forward, and reverse buttons--the skip buttons are greyed out, and the cursor won't go to or "land on" these two buttons; instead, it jumps over them.  (The rest of the buttons are lit up, accessible, and active.)

      By contrast, all of the buttons from the physical remote--including the two skip buttons--work fine if I'm watching through my PC browser.  Therefore, I believe that there must be some sort of compatibility problem between the Sony Internet Player and the SlingPlayer app. 

      Sling Media's customer support rep. tried valiantly to resolve the problem by experimenting with different remotes for the U-Verse DVR/STB (which is a Motorola VIP1216 or VIP1200).  (The fellow was limited in what he could do, because the lab apparently doesn't have access to the Sony Internet Player. Therefore, like me when I'm using my PC, he found everything was operating properly.)  I tried to contact Sony about the problem, but (after a very long hold period and then struggling with terrible feedback/echo on the line) their rep said the buttons must call for some illegal/impermissible operation, and then she seemed to hang up or disconnect from the call--so no help there.

      Admittedly, I can use the reverse or fast forward functions to approximate what the skip buttons should do, but this is hardly comparable, because one invariably under- or over-shoots, whereas the skip buttons allow more targeted movements.  Do any of you savvy tech types have a suggested fix for this?  Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide.

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          First, my thanks to all who have read/considered my quandary.  I appreciate your time.


          As it happens, I have stumbled upon what may be sort of an answer to this riddle.  If one summons the on-screen control buttons (I do this by pressing the "character space" key on the remote's keyboard), there's a bar across the top with five first-tier menu options.  The second one from the left (viewer's left, right side of screen) has a classic "play" icon (filled ">"), and this yields an array of buttons at the bottom of the screen that starts with "PAUSE," then shows the two greyed-out skip options, followed by "REWIND, FAST FORWARD, STOP, PLAY."  From here, there's no way to deploy the skip function, just frustration.


          HOWEVER, looking again at the top-tier menu, there's one labeled "MISC" on the far right (screen's far left).  When that one is selected, there is a comparatively small intermediate "radio" style bar, which can be toggled between left and right buttons.  IF one selects the right (screen's left) button, the bottom array now shows five buttons--and the two on the left (screen's right) are "Instant Replay" and "Quick Skip."  These are NOT greyed-out and operate essentially as skip forward and back instructions.


          Needless to say, it's a bit tedious to get to these buttons, and the remote control itself has no built-in equivalent (at least not one I've found thus far).  Also, as with any directive sent via SlingPlayer, there's a lag between pushing the button and effective communication of the signal to the STB, and efforts to send multiple skip messages in a cluster (rather than waiting for each directive to be implemented before issuing the next one) don't seem to work, so it's difficult/time-consuming to move back or ahead very far with these buttons.  Thus, they are only a "sort-of" answer to the problem.  Still, if anybody else is wrestling with targeted time-travel within recorded material, these rather obscure buttons may be somewhat helpful.