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    Slingbox 350 & Sky HD (UK) 2TB



      Forgive my questioning, as I'm new to this world!

      Trying to understand the best way of connecting a new slingbox 350 to a sky box with hdmi connection only.

      I think for HDCP reasons I will need component connections. I would really grateful if anyone could share their set up please.


      i think i go HDMi from sky box to converter to slingbox (via component)


      In advance, many thanks, Paul.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I think you will find most of us Sky users have given up trying to get HD on the Slingbox and use a SCART > Composite adaptor to send an SD signal to the Slingbox (Yellow/Red/White).    If you do want HD you are quite correct you will need to use an HDMI > Component convertor, and the one most people use is the HD Fury.  It's expensive (more than the Slingbox), but it is the only one that seems to work 100% of the time and will strip out the HDCP.

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            OvCollyer Apprentice

            I have two Sky boxes, one that is connected to a Slingbox 350 via component, using an HDFury4 (aka 3DFury). However, HDFury2 or HDFury3 will work well too and are a bit cheaper.


            My other Sky box is connected to a Slingbox 500 using HDMI. Again, I'm using an HDFury4 with special firmware (available from hdfury.com) which removes the copy protection.


            As posted above, there is now a newer device from HD fury called the "4K splitter" - again if you load this with custom firmware it will behave like the HDFury4 in that it will take an HDMI input, remove the HDCP, and output HDMI again. It's also a lot cheaper - about $80 - but doesn't output component, so you'd only be able to use this with a Slingbox 500.


            Still, that seems to be the optimum setup just now, a Slingbox 500 with "4K splitter" so you can just use HDMI and avoid any conversion to component (not that I've ever noticed any difference by the time the signal has been streamed across the Internet).


            You will get a much much better picture using the above methods than if you rely on SCART or composite.

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                So my options are to return the slingbox 350 and get the 500 with the splitter




                Does any recommend a component/hdmi converter other than hdfury which is beyond the budget


                The usage at a glance will be minimal as it's for my parents holiday home


                Best regards, Paul



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