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    Poor Internet connection error message


      Hi Support ,


      I own Slingbox SOLO  (SB-260)  which worked perfectly  untill 2 weeks ago .


      Recently i can't  reach it  by any mean . Browser  or even Sling Player , as  recommended at the support site  when  you have

      old equipment .


      The error i get when  i tried to  connect to  it claimed as if i have  " poor internet connection .."  allthough i have 100MB  connection

      and  the device  is  phisically connceted via 1GB switch to my local LAN .


      I've followed those steps , and none helped :



      1. Reset device to factory defaults

      2. Replaced  local switch and  wires

      3. Used  3 different PC's

      4. Tried at  a  seperate  network   ( phisically & totally   sepereted )

      5. ping to the device is  satble and w/o any packet loss


      I wonder about the next activities  , and  if  it might be  a firmware issue , but i can't  proceed  with it  for the above reasons .


      I'll appreciate any help and advice



      Best Regards


        Dror Hayou